SciCom Students and Alumni

Top (l-r): Cypress Hansen, Tess Joosse, Carolina Cuellar. Middle (l-r): Freda Kreier, Isabella Backman, Nicholas Ogasa. Bottom (l-r): Stephanie Melchor, Allison Gasparini, Emily Harwitz. Composite image assembled via Photoshop from socially distanced individual portraits. Credit: Lisa Strong

"What qualities do you seek in your students?"

In selecting each year's class of SciCom students, we consider several factors.

First, why do you want to pursue a career in science communication? Our program is committed to using science journalism and communication to create a more informed public dialogue about science. How does that mission resonate with you? Do you love science, and want to share the wonder of discovery with the world? Do you strive to correct misperceptions about who does science and how it works? 

Second, what are your own science communication experiences, and what skills do you want to learn? We're looking for applicants who have tried doing some science communication work, using the resources available to them, wherever they are. Have you worked on campus publications, published professional work, written for your lab Web page, performed outreach work or teaching, written a travel blog or started a science-themed Instagram account? Are you eager to build your writing, photography, video, audio and social media skills? Are you ready to build your experience and portfolio with the part-time professional internships we offer each quarter?

Third, are you excited to collaborate with fellow students and contribute to a supportive network of fellow journalists? Our students come from diverse backgrounds, with varying scientific experiences and motivations for entering this field. What unites them? They want to use science communication to make a positive impact in the world. We seek students who are not only good communicators, but also want to work together with others so that we can all reach our goals. Our students achieve incredible things, with the help of our dedicated instructors and mentors. We hope that you enjoy reading about them on these pages.

—Erika Check Hayden, director