Mating dance of male jumping spiders. Illustration: Meghan Rock

Students in the Science Communication Program emerge from their year in Santa Cruz with a thick portfolio of published work. They write most of their articles for editors at internships coordinated by SciCom in the San Francisco Bay Area. We gear our coursework toward publication, ranging from regional newspapers to online news services to freelance submissions for national magazines. We also spotlight student work in our publications: Science Notes, our online magazine; the SciCom Interviews, from the AAAS meeting; our student-run blog; and our Vimeo site.

We feel strongly that our students learn the trade best by reporting real-world stories for journalists who work in this business day to day. During nine months of courses and a summer internship, students write for at least a dozen professional editors. They quickly learn how to adapt to different editing styles, deadline pressures, and audiences. And in practical terms, the clips allow students to tailor strong applications for national internships and jobs.

Browse these pages for examples of what our students produce during their one-year journalism immersion at SciCom.