Class Blog: Out of the Fog

Banana slugs seek news from all points of the compass during their year of training at SciCom.

Our students publish a group blog on San Francisco Bay Area research throughout the school year, called Out of the Fog: Emerging Science from the Central Coast. The blog begins in our fall-quarter class in social media, taught by Erika Check Hayden of Nature. Students workshop their initial posts, then report original ideas on their own in winter and spring. Many posts include the students' photography, infographics, or videos.

We also emphasize national cross-posting for the highest-caliber stories on the blog. Venues with which SciCom has an agreement for pitching blog posts include CNN, Scientific American, and the American Geophysical Union.

Previous blogs created by SciCom classes are archived within Out of the Fog:

Class of 2012: The Crashing Edge: Current Waves of Central Coast Science.

Class of 2011: A Tale of Ten Slugs: Becoming Science Journalists in a Digital Age.