Sarah Keller '12 shoots a class video at Waddell Beach, north of Santa Cruz.

Each student produces a video based on research in the San Francisco Bay Area during our spring-quarter multimedia course. Students learn how to use high-definition video cameras and how to set up lighting and audio. Then, they go into the field to conduct interviews, shoot B-roll, and acquire footage from research teams. They edit the pieces into short narrated films (4 to 5 minutes) in our computer lab with Final Cut Pro.

All final videos appear on SciCom's Vimeo channel. Some are published in our annual research magazine, Science Notes, or as public-outreach videos by the groups with whom the students worked. We also have an agreement with The Why Files, based at the University of Wisconsin, which selects student projects for its "Why-TV" site.

SciCom Vimeo channel